Healer. Warm Wisdom. Intuitive. Experienced. Certified.

It is said, when the student is ready the teacher will appear. I have found this true in my life. From Mother Earth, which has proven to be a powerful healer and teacher, that I continue to learn from and work with. To the many teachers and women that I have been taught and trained by.

And then there are my life experiences. I have been brought to my knees so that I would find and know the inner strength that I have. I have found peace that brings deep healing to every cell and moment in my life. I have come to know and partner with the universal light that bridges the physical and spiritual in a deep unconditional love. I know my divine soul and trust & listen to her. Knowing my soul holds the true medicine to heal and what is in my highest and best good. I have learned to share my truth and understand we all have our own. And these teachings among others have aligned me to my soul purpose which is to connect with others. As we are mirrors to one another and it brings me joy to hold space so that others can find their healing and truths.

I was once asked, "what makes you different, why you"? My answer... I am no different. I am you sister, you will see me and see yourself if you are seeking.

In short...

My passions are in holistic healing, nature, soul work, earth and soul wisdom along with the empowerment of the divine feminine. My passions along with my own journey of discovery and healing has led me to this work. Prior to Soul Nature Reiki, I raised a family, worked in the corporate world for over 20 years while also working beside my husband building a successful small business.

Usui Reiki Ryoho Practitioner, Second Degree

Certified Soul Coaching®  Practitioner

Ordained Minister, Ceremony Facilitator - Officiant 


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